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I have tried to give as much diversity as I could to give guidance to different profiles of people within the community depending on the type of relationship they have with the applicant for ministerial intervention. Pick what resonates, and make your written recipe with what aligns with you. You might fit in several guide categories as well, be creative.

Is there any perfectionist in the room? :) - I'm asking because I would easily spend weeks writing the most helpful reference letter for someone. My advice: don't overthink darling! Sit with good intentions at heart and start with the first thing that comes to mind. The rest will flow and your writing will enrich.

You are not tested for a start! It is going to be helpful to show to the Minister the applicant is supported in his/her/them request. And if you need help or inspiration to write, contrary to the school system, I can help you out and we can brainstorm together what would be helpful if you can't find anything in the guide. 

PICK ONLY                          WHAT RESONATES

CONNECT                          WITH YOUR HEART

BREATH                                    IT'S NOT AN EXAM



The information and templates provided in the Guides and Examples sections are intended for general guidance and informational purposes only. They are not legal advice and should not be considered as such. I am not a legal professional and do not hold any responsibility for the outcomes of any applications, decisions, or actions taken based on the information or templates provided herein.

The templates and suggestions in the Guides and Examples sections should be used as a starting point and must be personalized to accurately reflect individual circumstances and experiences. Writers are encouraged to adapt and modify the content to suit their specific needs and are advised to consult with a qualified legal professional for personalized legal advice, especially in matters related to visa applications, immigration, or ministerial intervention.

I disclaim any liability in connection with the use of the information found Guides and Examples sections and do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, efficacy, timeliness, or correct sequencing of such information. No action should be taken in reliance upon the information provided in the Guides and Examples sections, and I disclaim all liability concerning actions taken or not taken based on any or all of the contents of this document to the fullest extent permitted by law.

By using the information in the Guides and Examples sections, you acknowledge and agree to this disclaimer and assume full responsibility for using the information and templates provided.




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